Lanternfish Press

Independent publishing in Philadelphia. Artisanal books for omnivorous readers.

Lanternfish Press was founded in 2013 to produce beautiful, reader-friendly books: volumes that will be cherished, schlepped on the subway, and generally devoured. We launched our first title, The Legend of Sherlock Holmes, through a Kickstarter campaign early in 2014. It's a collection of Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories, newly arranged and illustrated.

We do plan to keep producing new editions of Victorian books. However, we're also seeking original writing that balances vintage and contemporary, nerdy and fun, literary and genre, or academic and general-interest elements. We love works that challenge genre boundaries!

Check out our Submissions Page for more details.

Christine Neulieb, Editorial Director

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Christine started out as a student of linguistics and English literature. She eventually got interested in theater and performance in the ancient world and earned a doctorate in Greek philosophy of literature. After finishing the twenty-fourth grade, she decided that was enough school and worked in book and magazine publishing in New York for several years. In 2012 she returned to her adopted hometown of Philadelphia, working as a freelance writer and editor until she encountered the growing Philly publishing scene. In her spare time she writes fiction, practices yoga, and invents imaginary languages.

Amanda Thomas, Operations Manager

Amanda spent her childhood in Nevada, where she used to disappear into the hills in search of the fantastic characters she'd read about in books. She later studied political science, teaching, and curriculum at the University of Rochester, where she read lots more books. She has taught Mandarin Chinese and World History to high schoolers and enjoys obsessing over her garden, gothic art, and scientific illustration. She hopes one day to challenge Stephen Colbert to a Tolkien Nerd-Off.